Since its inception, KAABOO’s vision has been to create a multidimensional live entertainment experience, with visual art as a primary element in our guests’ sensory journey. We’ve curated a program that brings together leading contemporary artists from around the world who are creating cutting edge pieces uniquely for KAABOO. With each passing year, we watch our exceptional collection of these master works grow and evolve.

As a lifetime lover of contemporary art, it has been my mission to weave art throughout the KAABOO voyage of discovery, not as an afterthought to our musical programming, but as a guiding pillar where both feed off of and inspire the other.

We hope that you are as enamored by this immersive visual playground as we are and are inspired by being in their midst, whether live at the event or by acquiring one of these impressive works for your personal collection. We are delighted to be offering these pieces for sale to our guests and fellow art enthusiasts.

  • Cheers and Warmest Wishes,
  • Bryan Gordon
  • Founder + CEO