Amandalynn, Joe Styles & Margaretta Grazier

Sacred Alchemy began as series of paintings and murals created by Amandalynn, inspired by the delicacy of Sacred Geometry and it's intricate weaving into the Alchemy of Life. Her inspiration was drawn directly from working with several amazing healers over the past year, each playing a key element in clearing the way for new life. Amandalynn has always been forever grateful for the prolific people who surround her life. When she started talking about the idea of taking her work into a three dimensional platform, it only seemed natural to engage the minds of two other professional artisans, Joe Styles and Margaretta Grazier. The experience of trusting, engaging and letting go alongside each other is what has brought just an idea into reality. Together they have truly experienced the Alchemy of combining different elements and ideas to create an experience to be shared by all. The ultimate intention of this piece is to strip away the ideas of a traditional gallery installation, and actually invite the audience to walk through, under, in and out, becoming part of the Art, rather that just observing it.