Carly Ealey

Fine artist, muralist, photographer, and writer with a few hundred other secret talents, Carly Ealey has a knack for all things creative.

Born in Palm Springs, CA, Carly’s mother recognized her artistic interest at an early age. “I remember my mom telling me to remember my ‘new birthday’ so that I could take the big kid art classes where the minimum age was 8,” Ealey reflects. “The instructor mentioned to my mom a couple of times that she had never seen a child that kept their workplace and hands so incredibly clean... it wasn't until later in life when I learned that getting messy was necessary.”

Today, Carly Ealey considers her art to be a mix of dirty and clean. “I often destroy the initial creation before bringing it back to life, adding and subtracting until it feels right. There is a great beauty in the imperfections that make the final product acceptable to me.” With a natural inclination to painting the familiar figures of women in her work, Carly prefers acrylic ink on wood panels when painting small, and spray paint when working on murals. However, she also incorporates her photography from time to time on a larger scale via wheatpaste.