Gloria Muriel

Painter Gloria Muriel’s work conveys a glowing immediacy, yet evokes timeless, remote worlds of mystery and allure. Her murals and paintings, primarily acrylics, are characterized by their dazzling color and enigmatic, symbol-rich iconography. The work is predominated by images of big-eyed girls, birds, and anthropomorphized nature. Most of these compositions have a dense, murky background that suggests tangled vegetation or water.

The spiritual/mystical dimension of Gloria’s paintings is salient, with recurring elements that suggest pantheism or animism—the belief that a divine presence inhabits everything around us. Nature is truly alive in her paintings, and the girls depicted, with their meditative expressions, seem utterly responsive to their animated landscape and supremely calm as the chaos of nature surrounds them.

Gloria Muriel’s work reveals a distinct personal style that is consistent but never static. Overall, the work has an aura that might be called immersive, where subject and periphery, foreground and background merge in a way that is all- encompassing. Such art naturally affects the viewer in a similar way, for this is work—this is a world—to get lost in. This reflects Gloria’s essential approach: “Art is a state of being and I lose myself in the beautiful chaos that I depict in my paintings. Those feelings develop at the precise moment when my brush hits the canvas.” Ultimately, though, her “aesthetic philosophy” can be summarized even more directly:

“I paint what I feel.”