Purchasing Information

  • Work directly with our art consultants to address logistics, questions and concerns.
  • For purchasing details, contact artshow@kaaboollc.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the artwork be delivered?

This will be determined on case by case basis, connect with our art consultants to determine the best delivery method for the art you're interested in.

Will the canvas be stretched?

  • If not, can you help me find someone to stretch it?
  • Each canvas comes with a 3" pole pocket sewn on top and bottom and can be hung like a giant scroll. All canvases from 2016 and 2017 have 2" industrial strength velcro sewn on the back of all 4 sides, and canvases can easily be installed on a flat surface by first adhering mating velcro to the wall before installation.

Will you assemble the installation upon delivery?

  • If not, can you help me connect with someone to assist?
  • We can work with each individual case to consult on installation or possibly directly assist.

Can I see the artwork in person?

Yes, if you are willing to travel to Carlsbad, CA.